Upcoming Zoom Panels Information (3-3-22)

Dear Contributors,

We’re looking forward to seeing you online in the coming weeks for the cluster Zoom panels. Below is some information about the panels.

Schedule. We’ve scheduled many of the panels already; the full schedule and links are on the webpage here. There will be one panel for each of the issue clusters in Parts IV, V, and VI. All of you, including those in Parts II and III, are welcome to attend as many of the 13 panels as you like and give your thoughts and feedback; we hope many of you will. We’re still working to schedule the remaining panels, as we’re waiting to hear from some of you about your availability or working to reconcile the different time zones and schedules. Your panel will get a Zoom invite once it is scheduled.

Format. The format is fairly informal. About 3-7 days before the panel meets, please feel free to circulate via email whatever you have so far to the editors and other panelists.  There’s no obligation to do this, but it may improve the quality of feedback you receive. During the 1-hour session, each contributor will have 10-20 minutes (depending on how many are present) to lay out what they plan to accomplish with their chapter. You’re welcome to share any slides you may have. Whether you have only an abstract at this point or a full draft of your chapter, please feel free to come to the panel with questions for others about how to better develop and integrate your piece into the Handbook. 

Please let us know if you have any questions; see you soon!


Kevin, Jill, and Stella

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