Oxford Handbook of Comparative Immigration Law Updates (27-9-21)

We hope you’re all doing well and staying healthy. Thank you all again for agreeing to be part of this project; we’re excited to be working with you. We’re writing to provide an update on the Handbook, including the due dates and timeline for the next year, and to introduce our Handbook website. 


First, we have a new email for the project: <comparativeimmlaw@virginia.edu>. Please use it rather than our individual emails for all correspondence, as all three editors and the project’s student research assistants (currently UVA students Pallavi Javor, Rahima Ghafoori, and Matthew Walchuck) have access. 


The new Handbook website is up and running here: www.comparativeimmigrationlaw.org. It contains project information and updates, information on contributors, a bibliography jointly assembled by all of you, and a portal to submit your contributions. 


Abstracts: Many thanks to those who have already submitted their abstracts to us via email.  In our initial invitation letter, we had requested abstracts by late summer, but due to some COVID-related delays, our revised deadline for submission of abstracts is now October 31. We’d appreciate 300-500 words laying out your contribution. This will be just a preliminary plan; the content will likely evolve as you receive feedback and draft the full chapter over the coming 18 months. Instead of emailing them, please submit the abstracts as a .doc file to the website portal, here: http://comparativeimmigrationlaw.org/for-contributors/Again, we are grateful to those who’ve already sent in their abstracts – there’s no need to resubmit.

Zoom Panels. In the coming months, we will schedule a series of Zoom panels for each of the Handbook’s 15 subject-matter clusters. (See the Table of Contents on the website for who’s in each cluster.) The panels are a chance for authors to discuss their plans for the chapter and get initial feedback. We hope that each of the 3-5 contributors within each cluster will attend and participate in their own cluster’s panel session, but everyone else is very welcome to join any of them. We will soon solicit your availability and distribute a schedule shortly thereafter.  

Workshop. The workshop will be held August 11-12, 2022. We’ll have more information on travel logistics in the coming months, but please mark your calendars now. We hope that international travel will be safe and available by then, but we’re prepared to conduct a hybrid in-person/Zoom workshop as needed.

Please feel free to contact us anytime at comparativeimmlaw@virginia.edu with any thoughts or questions.   


~Kevin, Stella, & Jill

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